Go Local! - 3 Positive Effects on Community

Go Local! - 3 Positive Effects on Community

We’re so blinded by high-end imported brands that we often overlook the hard work our local brands are putting in to create products that are equally good (if not more) and much cheaper. We’ve started to look down upon people who shop locally. No matter how much you deny it, that’s our unfortunate reality.

You will never want to shop from international brands if you realize how much difference you can make by simply going local. Your local brands may not be so renowned and popular that you can boast about them among your friends, but if you lend them your support by shopping from them, you never know they may become a huge brand one day!

Local brands have got to work several times more to gain the attention of local customers, even if their products are unique and state of the art.

We suggest the next time you want to buy something for yourself, you first visit the local markets and give them a chance, at the least.

1. Positive Impact on the Local Economy

Buying from local vendors means that your money stays in the community. The money you transact to make the purchase returns to the community. In fact, the dollars that remain with your community is up to 4 times more than what remains when you buy from national and international vendors.

You can make a rough estimate of the tax amount you are expecting for next year and start setting a budget asWith that, there’s a boost in local business, and that spurs the generation of more jobs. Not only that, when you spend your money locally, a greater percentage of your tax is funneled back into your local community. ide so that it doesn't come as a surprise when the time comes. Having a savings account helps as you can keep putting money in it.

In simple terms, what you spend is returned to your community, and that’ll benefit you in the long run. A stronger community with a sound economy would only mean all things good for you!

2. Reduction in the Environmental Impact

The imported products that you buy so eagerly don’t just come to your market magically. They’re transported across hundreds and thousands of miles. Billions of gallons of fuel are consumed in the shipping of these products. All of the fuel that’s burned to bring your favorite products to you has a direct impact on the environment.

However, when you shop from local brands, you’re doing a favor to the environment. Local products are manufactured and sold locally, which means a lot of fuel is saved. The transportation is only from the manufacturer to the retail outlet, which doesn’t produce even a fraction of carbon dioxide that international transportation produces.

3. Stronger Community

Local brands understand your needs better. They’re also able to create products that are more suited to your local weather and local preferences. When you shop locally, you’re actually supporting local businesses. Your support would help local businesses grow, and when businesses grow, more jobs are generated. Your money uplifts the local brands, and this establishes a stronger bond within the community.

You see, you aren’t just buying a product. It might be just one product for you but for a local business, it means so much more!